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Real Folk is a forward-thinking software consultancy. We research, design and build custom software to help our clients in government and industry achieve operational excellence.
Featured: Digital Marketplace
Modern tech procurement in government.
The Digital Marketplace is an open-source web application that enables the public sector to procure Agile software vendors quickly and reliably.
Screenshot of the Digital Marketplace.
Elizabeth Busch
"Real Folk worked with our team to take an emerging, innovative idea to increase market engagement with vendors, and brought that idea to life by creating the web app for the BC Government’s Procurement Concierge Program. Their Agile approach was responsive, understandable and collaborative, which made the project so much better for a non-IT expert like me."
Elizabeth Busch
Owner, Busch Procurement Advisory Services
Our Expertise
We solve real problems with a lasting impact.
The depth and diversity of our team's experience enables us to build elegant solutions to complex problems for our clients.
Our team has significant experience in designing and implementing custom solutions that meet complex legislative and operational requirements for governments. These solutions are typically built using open-source software, reducing their total cost of ownership when compared to their proprietary and off-the-shelf alternatives.
The operating environment for enterprise has experienced a vast change over the last ten years. Our team has worked closely with large organizations to address this change by streamlining their operations with custom software. Our clients often inform us that these improvements not only increase efficiency, but serve as the catalyst for a stronger competitive advantage.
Small & Medium Business
We understand the challenges faced by small & medium businesses when building software: ambitious goals with limited resources. Our team has the knowledge and experience required to address these challenges directly. We apply our skills to build custom software for small & medium businesses under a licensing agreement that maximizes the value created for each dollar spent.
We have worked with pioneers across industry and government.
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Government of Yukon
Statistics Canada
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